Happy 2019!! Time To Get Back to Blogging!

image credit: educratsweb.com

My Dear Readers,

A brand new year and I’ve made a decision. I’m going to give priority to blogging this year. Between Facebook Live, YouTube Videos and Social Media updates, I have come to the realization that blogging must be included in my “content plan”, so to speak.

The reason being, a single blogpost can connect to many types and forms of media to tell a story. For example you an include images, links, videos and even embed social media posts; to create a comprehensive article.

In terms of content, I’m planning on sharing information on how to get started on social media if you’re brand new to the scene, how to up your game in 2019 if you’ve been there done that and all. Also, I’m going to share insights into what to expect in the new year. In fact, that would be the next post I’m going to share with you on my blog :)

I also would like to cover topics that are of interest to my readers. Let me know in comments what you would like me to write on?

Sooo, Happy New Year!! And stay tuned to the next post. :D



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