90-Day Extended Trial On Buffer Social Media Tool

Yesterday on my blog, I shared that I decided to look around for tools, tech, services, and other support available for small businesses that are struggling with the current economic situation due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Let’s kick-start the list with this wonderful and thoughtful offer from Buffer. 

Buffer offers a “COVID-19 CustomerAssistance Program

If you are a business in a critical industry, if you are performing essential services to support your community, or if you have been adversely affected by COVID-19, they want to help you; Buffer offers a COVID-19 Customer Assistance Program.

All you have to do – they say, is to get in touch with them to share your story. They will connect you directly to a Buffer Customer Advocate who will listen and provide the support your business needs.

Extended 90-day trial for new customers

Among the many support services Buffer offer, the most noteworthy one I thought was the ‘Extended 90-day trial for new customers’.

This is for those who need social media tools urgently so you can make the most of all features commitment-free for the next 90 days.

Other forms of support from Buffer

Apart from this, they also offer the following;

  • Gifting essential product features
  • Waiving upcoming payments
  • Pause your Buffer subscription

They also have some good direction for businesses during this time, under “Resources for turbulent times”.
All of the above can be found here → https://buffer.com/covid19

Here’s the link to the growing list of ‘Support for Small Businesses During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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