Professional Social Media Management Tool for FREE

Social media management has become another tedious issue during this challenging time. The issues most business owners face, go from not knowing how to strategize to the new changes, not being able to keep or hire new staff when there’s nothing to get back the revenue spent on social, not being able to spend for good quality content creation etc. 

While I cannot recommend one tool that fixes all of the above AND free, at least one such challenge – that is managing and scheduling your social media posts across 10 different social platforms with just one person, just might sort out at least some of your problems.

In that, it would save your resources and time. So that you, the business owner or hiring just one person (even remotely, from home for a much affordable price) can get all the work done, in advance so you can focus on your business without worrying about one more thing.

HootSuite Professional Package for FREE for Affected Industries

The good news in this case – Hootsuite, one of the most versatile and well known social media scheduling and management platforms for businesses, is offering one of their premium packages for FREE for affected industries.

Hootsuite Professional, which would usually cost you $19 per month, is free to use for organizations for certain industries they deem as “affected industries”, such as restaurants, performing arts venues, hotels, etc. until 1st July 2020.

Right now, you can get this in two different ways. 

1. Instant access:

This does require a credit (or debit) card, which will not be charged and you will not be enrolled in auto-renewal. You’ll immediately gain free access to Hootsuite Professional until July 1st, 2020, with no cost or fees.

2. Register for access:

If you don’t have or don’t want to use a credit or debit card, they have an option that requires you to complete an application form  and they will get you set up. However, they do mention that due to demand, it will take time to process your application as they carry out this process manually.

You can check out all their plans here –

HootSuite Also has a Free for Life – Limited Plan

Hootsuite also has a ‘Free for life’ limited plan, This is for a single user where you can manage 3 profiles and schedule only 30 messages per month. You can Sign up for this here

Since I have and still use HootSuite, I would actually recommend you take up the first option as you can always negotiate with them later, via email and they are quite responsive.

Take this opportunity and ease your social media management burdens, would be my personal advice to you :)

Feel free to Share on your social pages or just click to Tweet, so more small biz owners will benefit from these, during these uncertain times.

HootSuite Professional, $19 per month value, is FREE for affected industries, such as restaurants, performing arts venues, hotels, etc. until 1st July –

Here’s a growing list of FREE services and extended periods of support available for small and medium businesses –


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