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with over 8 years of industry experience and more than 5 years of agency experience, I’d love to share my knowledge with you and guide your business in the right direction. I have worked with over 100‘s of different brands and businesses of various types and sizes over the past years!

Whether your business is a startup Or a mid-sized business struggling to grow or a well established large business looking to secure it’s footing for years to come – I offer social media consultation for you and training programs for your team.

contact me via the email below for a free assessment of the current social media marketing plan for your business and for price quotations




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Instagram: @Indunan





5 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. earl says:

    Hi Indu,

    My name is Earl. And I would like to speak to you about a prospective employment under our company as creative writer. Please send me an SMS on 0776792004 specifying the best time to call you to discuss the aforesaid.


  2. Chaminda says:

    Hi Indu, Would like to speak to you regarding development & maintaining a fan page.

    I work for a reputed IT company.

    077 3043044

  3. Shalini Perera Bandaranayake says:

    Hi Indu,

    Can I know how we could join the google business group? Very keen to be a part of this group hence, please let me know. Thanks,

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