Jobs and Workshops

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Jobs in Social Media

During the latter part of the year 2010, I’ve been asked more than once… “Can you find me a good Social Media person to handle our Facebook page or Twitter account?” – or something along those lines. I did check around for people but couldn’t find anyone  at the time. So I decided this year, I’m going to have a small database of people who would be interested in pursuing a career in Social Media/Social Media Marketing. This decision was made because in my opinion, 2011 will be the year businesses will take Social Media seriously and make it a part of their marketing and/or PR module.

So, if you are interested in getting seriously into Social Media at some point – email me your details and if you like – your CV as well and I’ll add you into the database. And when a company requests me for a person who can work as a Social Media marketer or consultant, I can show them your CV or details and if they like you, bingo! you’re hired.

Basic Qualifications

You should generally have a pretty outgoing personality – trust me, it shows online ;) Apart from this, here are the most basic qualifications that I would look for, in you:

  • Excellent English (right now, most companies communicate in English, this may change in future)
  • Enjoys people and is naturally chatty
  • Good listener
  • Positive attitude and enthusiastic
  • Knows how to get out of a tricky situation online in a professional manner
  • In general, loves being online

If you think you’re someone like what I’ve described above, shoot me an email NOW ;)

Workshops in Social Media

If you’re just starting out in Social Media or just curious about Social Media and would like to explore more, you too might have a chance. I’m planning on a some free workshops in SM and you can come and check it out if social media is for you.

By the way, if you confirm to the basic requirements that I’ve listed above – I can personally train you for free, to the specifications of the company or in general.

A Note To You All…

If you are,

  • Looking for someone to hire for our Social Media related work
  • Looking for a job in Social Media
  • Planning on conducting a workshop in Social Media

Let me know. Email me the details and I’ll post the information on this website. Here is my email :

And the following pages will be updated based on the information you send – on job opportunities, job seekers and workshops related to social media. So check back often ;)


2 thoughts on “Jobs and Workshops

  1. Aksam Zarook says:

    Thank you for the great opportunity you offer here for people like me who are interested in doing online marketing. Please let me know if you have any workshops about Social Media. I’d definitely be attending.

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