Here are some great resources for small business owners like you, who are just getting started with social media for your business.

I’m always looking for ways to help you. So, if you would like me to come up with an answer to a certain issue you might be facing, drop me a message and I will look into creating a brand new solution based resource for you and other small biz owners just like you!

Scroll down and check out what would help you first.

If you are a Complete Beginner, Start here.

Resources for Starters

Social Media For Business Owners

The Starter Video Course For Complete Beginners

If you’re looking for something more, Check the resources below;

If you have already started social media marketing for your small business, but you’re still at the ‘Beginner’ level, check out these FREE resources that will help you out.

Beginner Level Free Resources

Resource #1

Learn how to find your Ideal Customer, How to formulate a social media marketing strategy and how to come up with a content plan so you can publish regular updates on your business’s social media.

More to be added…

Intermediate Level Free Resources

Coming soon…

There’s LOTS more resources from my past webinars, workshops and short courses that will be available in the brand new Membership section we will be launching in 2020.

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