Why you should activate the new Facebook profile setting – the “Facebook Timeline”

You can love or hate or just be ‘meh’ over the new changes on facebook profiles that were launched during the last week’s f8 developers conference (go ahead and click the link if you’d like to see the recording). But instead of waiting around for the automatic update of your profile from the old to the new – Timeline profile, it would be a good idea to activate the new Timeline now.

Here’s what mine look like:

Although you won’t get to see it on my profile just yet!

Why should I activate my facebook profile to the new Timeline? I already hate it!

Well, whether you and I love it or hate it, Facebook is going to activate it this week. When you activate the new timeline, Facebook says:

Welcome to Your Timeline – Developer Release
Your timeline currently features your top photos and posts. Right now, only you can see what’s here. Take a tour and star, hide or add whatever you want. Then click Publish Now or wait until your timeline goes live on Thursday, September 29, 2011.

So, unless you are planning on abandoning Facebook and deleting your profile altogether or something, my humble opinion is that you should activate the new Timeline now! So that you can check on what’s visible and what’s private and be comfortable with your profile before Facebook activates it on the 29th. Continue reading


How to send Google+ Invites to your friends

Many of my friends have been asking me how can they send Google+ invitations to their friends. So I thought I’d write a quick post on it.

Right now, Google has taken off the “Send Invites” feature that is supposed to look like the picture below and is supposed to appear on the Right-hand-side bar.

However, there’s a round-about-way to invite your friends to Google+ which I learned as I joined the network, from Adnan (who also sent me the actual invitation to join – so Thanks! again). So without further ado, here’s how you invite your friends to Google+

How to Send a Google+ Invitation

1. Go to “Circles”

2. Click on “Add a new person” and add your friend by their email or their name

3. Once the friend is added, drag and drop the little “box”, which appears with their name, into one of the “Circles” below

(click image to view larger)

4. Now go back to the “Home” page and do a “status update. Type something… I would type “You’re Invited to G+” or something along those lines.

5. Then “tag” the friend that you previously added to circles. Don’t forget to remove the Public tag and also to unmark the “Also email ### people not yet using Google+
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How to Block Facebook Chat

The first question that’s going to pop up in your head is – Why am I telling you how to BLOCK a feature in Facebook when I should be encouraging chatting on Facebook – social networking in general right?

Okay, think about it this way… You’re working for a radio station and you take requests online. But your DJs have been chatting on Facebook to the point that the radio goes off-air (no song playing and you don’t hear anything over the radio) and then you go into the studio to see what’s wrong and notice that the DJ is chatting on Facebook, quite oblivious to the fact that there’s no song playing on radio. Now imagine that this happens for the zillianth time, despite several warnings.

What’s more important here? Allowing social networking for the DJs or make sure your radio runs the way it’s supposed to? I think you would agree that the main purpose of a radio station is to make sure that music is run uninterrupted. Everything else would have to come after that. Continue reading