Social Good – Making the blind see

When I first met Subhash Pinnapola, I was buzzing with enthusiasm. If you've seen this video, you would know exactly how I felt when I was going to get the opportunity to interview the great mind behind the creation right? So naturally I couldn’ t wait to talk to him about this brilliant piece of … Continue reading Social Good – Making the blind see


Everybody’s looking for Bloggers!

Who ever said blogging is dead? Just today, three different parties were looking for bloggers, Two friends of mine - one of them being @Isura and a company I freelance social media work - @CMBevents were looking for bloggers via Twitter. So why is this keen interest over bloggers? Blogs and blogging have become quite … Continue reading Everybody’s looking for Bloggers!

Social Media in Sri Lankan Businesses

Last year has seen businesses taking a significant move from traditional marketing to integrating Social Media into the marketing mix, almost all around the world and in every arena. And some predict that the year 2011 will be the year of the "Social Media Bubble". Throughout last year we have also noticed how a number … Continue reading Social Media in Sri Lankan Businesses