TweetupSL is happening today! For the second time in Sri Lanka

In almost 4 hours from now, a much awaited event by the Twitter users of Sri Lanka, will kick-off in Colombo. #TweetupSL 2 – only the second “Tweet-up” in Sri Lanka – will probably be considered the biggest social media event of the year in the country. And of course I’m very much looking forward to it myself!

What’s a “Tweetup”?

Okay so just in case some of you are wondering; What’s a “Tweetup”? Technically, it’s a “meet-up of people who use Twitter”. The thing is, unlike the more popular social network Facebook, most people make connections with complete strangers on Twitter. Part of the reason behind this in my guess would be the fact that you share only very limited amount of information on Twitter (profile) compared to Facebook. Since people hardly know the majority of the Tweeps (Tweeps = Twitter users) who they follow or who follows them, a tweetup gives Twitter users the opportunity to put a face to the name they network with online.

Where does TweetupSL come from?

The first ever Tweetup in Sri Lanka , which was tagged as #TweetupSL was held last year (2010), almost around this time – on the 26th of August at Coco Veranda – a coffee house down Ward Place, Colombo. The story of the first TweetupSL is a very interesting one and I shall tell you that later! I will also tell you how the #TweetupSL – 2 came about as well – since I have much to do, tweet and get dressed up about in a matter of few hours. However, if time and space (at the venue – since my guess it’s going to be packed!) permitting, I shall attempt to give live updates from TweetupSL on this blog, hopefully with photos and or videos of what’s happening – as it happens, so stay tuned….! Continue reading


Srilanka’s Perera and Sons become active on Social Media

It was just yesterday that I noticed Perera & Sons had started following me on Twitter!

Perera and Sons on Twitter?

I didn’t even know that Perera and Sons were on Twitter before, so I started following them (@pereraandsons) back. Curiosity got the better of me so I asked them a question. An hour or so later, they managed to get me into their conversation. It wasn’t just me, quite a few Tweeps were tweeting about how not only Perera but his sons were also following them! lol

During the conversation with “Perera and his sons” that went on till late into the night, they promptly announced that they will be getting on FourSquare and will be doing some interesting promotions, starting with 15 pre-decided outlets.

Lucky for me, who pass by the Thalawathugoda and the Kotte outlets of the franchise almost daily – it seems that those two outlets ARE on the initial list. Continue reading

The girl who took a chance on Russell Brand’s #Tweet

I believe that life is all about taking chances.  And I believe that if you have the courage to take a leap of faith and grab the opportunities right in front of you, you will experience wonderful things in life that others – can only keep dreaming of.

About 3 days ago I came across this interesting article on how Russell Brand had sneaked in a fan to the premier of the movie “Arthur” after inviting his followers over his official Twitter account @rustyrockets. At the end of the web article, I also saw a comment from someone who claimed to be one of the girls – @VocalLizzy that Brand took in. The story made me wonder how people just take chances and actually experience great things and how some others, just go only half way or not at all, and would later kick themselves over for the opportunities missed!

Since all that happened involved Twitter, and this girl Lizzy’s twitter handle was mentioned there, I just thought I’d take a chance and ask her if she’d like to talk about the absolutely fun incident. First I just left a comment and later I took the liberty to ask her on Twitter if she would like to do a “Tweeterview” with me about the whole thing. Hours later I get a tweet from her saying “of course! :)”. I was thrilled and the following is the Tweeterview with Lizzy on Sunday night around 7.30 (Colombo time) :

ME: I tweeted the girl in this story –> @VocalLizzy & guess wht, she’s gona chat wit me on Twitter later 2day!

LIZZY: I’m having brekkie at the moment, almost ready to do this thing! :)
Continue reading

Everybody’s looking for Bloggers!

Who ever said blogging is dead? Just today, three different parties were looking for bloggers, Two friends of mine – one of them being @Isura and a company I freelance social media work – @CMBevents were looking for bloggers via Twitter. So why is this keen interest over bloggers? Blogs and blogging have become quite popular in Sri Lanka. Over here, most “non personal” blogs range from news blogs to gossip blogs to technology to education.

Looking for ‘Regular’ Bloggers

Couple of hours into work at office this morning, my Facebook chat popped up and a friend said that he’s looking for regular bloggers. “Regular” as in updated at least once a week. He did mention there’s a good opportunity for anyone who would.. But I can’t tell you what that is right now ;) So I sent out a tweet and got some links. Here are a few interesting blogs that I came across over Twitter. Continue reading